About Us

• GFTI (Gospel Fellowship Trust of India) is registered trust (Regd. Society No. 183/1968) that aims to generate prayer and financial support for those who separated themselves for full time ministry work in India.

• GFTI had a small beginning at Mumbai … in October 1953. It was the result of a felt burden for the need of an organ disseminating the news and needs of the Assembly work in India – Gospel Steward, and for a channel to pass help to servants of God – Gospel Steward Trust Funds. Mr. Justus Samuel and Mr. Ben P Thomas were instrumental along with Mr. Gordon Ritchie and Mr. T. G. Samuel in commencing the activities of GFTI.

•It acts as a channel to pass on the free will contributions from the Brethren Assembly members, to the workers who enjoy commendation of their local assemblies. This is a faith ministry. We do not know from where the funds would come; but the Lord Jesus in whom we have put our trust would honor the faith and commitment that the workers have shown in serving for Him by encouraging His people to support them.

• Currently, the activities are based out of Chennai, the 4th largest city in India.