Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The specific objectives of the ministry of GFTI are as follows:

1.To encourage communication of God’s word revealed in the Bible as it can lead to great blessings in the lives of individuals

2.To act as a channel to pass on voluntary contributions from the brethren / Brethren Assemblies to Lords servants (enjoying current commendation). Fund Disbursements to identified commended workers in India forms a major activity of the Trust. We receive fund from donors and disburse them to the workers in our list.

3.To support studies and encourage Biblical education, organize special Bible based conferences.

4. To assist people in extreme needs – widows, the poor, parents in difficulty to educate children, the sick and those in distress through natural calamities irrespective of caste, creed, religion

We maintain transparency in all dealings: audited accounts are published every year and all India Govt. regulations are complied with.