Fund Disbursements to identified commended Evangelists in India forms a major activity of the Trust. We receive funds from donors and disburse them to the Evangelists in our list. We maintain transparency in all dealings: audited accounts are published every year and all India Govt. regulations are complied with.

The need for fund disbursement
The present sustenance needs for those who do spiritual work among the Brethren assemblies in India is huge even assuming a base level of Rs.1 lakh per family. These men are unlikely to have any regular source of income. Sad to say it is a struggle for many to fulfill their medical needs, pay for children’s education, supporting the needy in the congregations they belong to, securing funds for spiritual materials and books, conveyance etc.

GFTI is an effective channel to reach out and show our concern impartially to these Evangelists across India.

In fact Govt. of India permits trust activities even from overseas funds pertaining to:

  • Education of priests and preachers; (dissemination of the message of good will etc., from their holy books).
  • Publication and distribution of religious books/ literature.
  • Maintenance of priests / preachers / other religious functionaries
  • Welfare of the orphans and the aged
  • Relief/Rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities
  • Help to the victims of riots/other disturbances

Summary of disbursements

GFTI has filed the due returns and FC-6 returns to the Govt. authorities. Audited summary of accounts for various years are given below:

Quarterly Statement-July-Sept-2018
Quarterly Statement-April-June-2018
Quarterly Statement-Jan-Mar-2018
Quarterly Statement_Oct to Dec-2017
Quarterly Statement-July-Sept-2017
Quarterly Statement-April to June 2017
Quarterly Statement-Jan to March 2017
Quarterly statement – Oct to Dec 2016
Quarterly statement – July to Sept 2016
Quarterly statement – April to June 2016
Quarterly statement – Jan to Mar 2016
Financial Report-2016
Financial Report 2015
Financial Report 2014
Financial Report 2013
Financial Report 2012
Financial Report 2011